26 Jun

How to Paint a Retriever Dog in Watercolor Revealed!

It’s a beautiful day here in Central Pennsylvania! Here’s what’s happening in the studio:
watercolor retriever by Rebecca Rhodes

The newest course has been released to the Online School, based on the most popular Youtube channel video, How to Paint a Realistic Retriever in Watercolor!

This is a great tutorial to practice creating fur markings. Since this dog is comprised of simple colors – just browns and tans – we can focus on the length, contour, and direction of the hairs without having to think about dealing with many different hues.

The lessons are in real time – from the very beginning to the end of the painting, and I’ll talk through each step, demonstrating how to mix colors on the palette and fix errors that are a natural part of any painting. The course comes with an outline drawing, the reference photo, and a list of materials.

More Fun Things…

I’ll be teaching art lessons again this week at the Moravian Historical Society Summer Camp in Nazareth, PA. Last week I did a Facebook Live demo of the project – if you missed it, you can see the replay at my FB page.

I’ve been on Facebook Live doing demos a couple times a week – the next one will be this Wednesday between noon and 12:30 p.m.

I’m working on a commission for The Seeing Eye in Morristown, New Jersey – world’s oldest guide dog school, where students  learn to work with and care for their seeing-eye dog.

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday – as always, thanks for your encouragement and support!

21 Jun

I’ll being going Live on Facebook at 12:05 p.m. today, creating this 3d dragonfly in watercolor – a great project for kids!

Here’s the supply list:

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions… see you soon!


20 Jun

A watercolor project for kids – FB Live Demo

If you are looking for a fun summer watercolor project for kids, you might like this idea…

I’m teaching a watercolor class at the Moravian Historical Society Summer Camp in Nazareth, PA for students ages 8 – 12. We are having a great time, and I plan to do a Facebook Live demo of the project this Wednesday, June 21, 2017, starting at 12:00 noon.

I may break the demo into two days – Wednesday and Thursday.

This 3-d watercolor painting is 5×7 inches, and fits in an 8×10-inch mat and frame.

The idea is based on an image from Pinterest and a lesson created by Gail Bartel at www.thatartistwoman.org. Her website contains tons of great ideas for art projects!

Here’s the supply list:

  • Only 3 colors are needed: blue, yellow, and red. I use Winsor & Newton paints: Winsor Blue, Cadmium Yellow, and Quinacridone Red, but there are other less expensive options.
  • Small brush – we used a Blick Scholastic Short Handle Red Sable Round #6
  • Arches 140 lb. Cold Press watercolor paper, cut to 5×7-inch pieces – 2 pieces per student
  • Table salt
  • Black Sharpie marker
  • Masking tape
  • Optional mat and frame
  • Solid cup or glass for water
  • paper towels
  • styrofoam plate to use as a palette

See you live this Wednesday, June 21!


17 Jun

Two Mini Watercolors and a Retriever!

It’s been a fun week in the studio!

Here’s what’s happening…

mini watercolor paintings by rebecca rhodesI’ve been working on mini paintings this week – 3.5 x 4.5 inches.

These two are close to being finished – It’s fun to create the detail in both subjects!

Subscribers will get first dibs at purchasing when these are complete.



I did a couple of demos of these mini paintings this week on Facebook Live – you can view them on my FB page.

watercolor retriever by rebecca rhodes

This retriever painting is being edited for the Online School – I plan to release it by the end of June, if not sooner.

I hope you have a restful and fun weekend!


15 Jun

Daily Painting – Red Car in Watercolor

I’ve been doing a Facebook Live demo between 12 and 12:30, every day or so.
It’s fun to plan around that event and keeps me on task, because I have to have something ready to show!

Here’s today’s Daily Painting demo – I’m working on this mini painting, a Red Classic Car in watercolor. It’s around 3.5 – 4.5 inches in size.

Subscribers get first dibs on purchasing.


13 Jun

New Pet Portrait! German Shepherd in Watercolor

watercolor pet portrait German Shepherd by Rebecca RhodesHere’s the newest pet portrait, this German Shepherd – a gift for Father’s Day!

This is an 8×10 watercolor portrait created on Arches Cold Press paper with Winsor & Newton paints.

I love to create the dark brown eyes and the varying textures of the fur and face.

Read on to see some progress photos.

I think a German Shepherd will be added to the “to do” list for the Online School.


If you are looking for a gift for a loved one, there’s a link on my home page: How to Commission your own portrait!

Progress Photos:


watercolor WIP pet portrait - German Shepherd by Rebecca Rhodes


Began with an underpainting of Yellow Ochre over the head, ears, and neck.

The eyes start with Winsor Lemon, and then Burnt Sienna.

A pink mix of Yellow Ochre and Permanent Rose on the nose.

I completed the ears first, using grey and black mixes of Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna, in addition to the pink.




Apply watery fur markings and textures in the head and neck using greys and blacks.

The eyes are deepened with brown.








Continue with thin applications of browns, blacks, yellows, gradually building color, allowing drying time in between. I’m using Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna, and Yellow Ochre.

And it’s finished!

If you like what you see and want to learn more, please visit my Online School.

Thanks for visiting!



29 May

How to Paint a Parrot in Watercolor

Parrot power!

Here’Parrot in Watercolor by Rebecca Rhodess the newest tutorial, just revealed in the Online School, this fun parrot in watercolor!

The vibrant colors and personality of this parrot made it fun to create, and I’m looking forward to getting started on the next tutorial on the list – based on your requests!



19 May

Hot Diggity Dog!

This week has been all about dogs, both in and out of the studio!

In The Studio
It was a pleasure to complete this commission for a friend –  a Mother’s Day gift, and my first Pit Bull!

It’s a composite of two different photos. I love the cigar – it rounds out the personality.


I haven’t created many smooth-textured dogs, and used Arches Hot Press paper, mostly wet in wet, dampening the paper and dropping in color, with my favorite Billy Showell fine tipped brush

Here are some progress shots.

Step by step watercolor pit bull by Rebecca Rhodes

This Week’s Road TripThe Seeing Eye

Last Friday I had the pleasure of visiting The Seeing Eye in Morristown, New Jersey.

Road trips are always an adventure, and this was an exciting deviation from the normal day in the studio.

The Seeing Eye is the world’s oldest guide dog school, where students  learn to work with and care for their seeing-eye dog.

The entire day was invigorating and inspiring, and it was worth the 90-minute drive.

The buildings and grounds are beautiful, and I was impressed with the professionalism and welcoming atmosphere from the moment I stepped into the lobby and met Jennifer Lieberman, my host for the day.

Jennifer introduced me to President James Kutsch and David Johnson, Director of Instruction and Training, in addition to members of the staff and a number of resident dogs. It was great – everyone had a dog with them in their office!

It was a beautiful Spring day, cool and just comfortable enough for a tour of the beautiful 60-acre campus, where dogs are trained and students come from all over the country to learn to work with their new Seeing Eye dog.

The Seeing Eye Campus
We ate lunch in the cafeteria, set up like a restaurant, so students can practice moving through a crowded eatery with their guide dog.

Later in the afternoon Jennifer and I visited the kennel and met more members of the staff and their dogs; all the while, she regaled me with compelling facts about the facility and seeing eye training.

I can’t thank these people enough for an engaging and educational experience!

I’m editing the next video for the Online School, and beginning a new commission – this time a German Shepherd.
It’s been a great week, with all kinds of different activities – just what I love.
And now it’s back to video editing.

05 May

Parrot, Pendant, Pig, and Portrait

It’s been busy in the studio…Parrot in Watercolor by Rebecca Rhodes

I just finished this parrot painting for the Online School, and plan to unveil the tutorial in mid-May. If it looks familiar, you are correct – it’s featured on my website, and many subscribers requested a tutorial. It it was fun to create for a second time!



I found an artist on Youtube – Ross Barbera – he creates jewelry out of watercolor paper, and his videos are my new favorites to watch. His tutorials are captivating and easy to understand, and look! I created this necklace today! Thanks Ross!


Pig (Guinea Pig, that is)

A a lovely former student requested this commission- my first Guinea Pig! Do we need a tutorial for the school? This one sure was fun!


It was an honor to create this portrait for a friend and fellow teacher. I had promised it in 2016, and just couldn’t get it right. I put it away for a year, practiced painting portraits, and gave it another go – so glad it worked out! She got a double dose for her birthday this week – this portrait, and her husband surprised her with one of my favorite sheet music paintings!

20170428_114901     watercolor sheet music art by rebecca rhodes








Coming next, I’ll be working on a mother’s day commission and editing the Parrot video for the school. I love what I’m doing, and dream about it at night. Weird.

19 Apr

Watercolor Wrens and Weirdos

Here’s what’s happening in the studio (which looks great because we had lovely guests last week, and a reason to clean):


The past month has been all about wrens –  I am pleased to reveal the newest video tutorial – this Wren in Watercolor. You can click the image to watch the Introduction, or go to The School to see all of the courses that are offered.


I love to work in detail, and it was a fun challenge to create the complex patterns of this wren. The trick is to break the subject into smaller shapes, and tackle each form one at a time.

I added a bit of blue sky at the very end. Here’s the completed painting – it fits a standard 8 x 10 inch mat and 11 x 14 inch frame.




I had the pleasure of spending time with these wonderful weirdos, Suzanne Oswald and Michael Daddario, two former colleagues – all of us retired teachers, now following our passion for art.

Our work is hanging at the Eagle Nest Gallery at Nazareth High School in Nazareth, PA until the end of April. These two photos were at the opening reception at the beginning of April.

Suzanne     Rebecca     Michael            We always have fun.
Oswald       Rhodes      Daddario

It’s a beautiful gallery.

I’m working on two commissions (Guinea Pig and Dog) and one gift (portrait), and then it’s off to the next tutorial for the school!

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